A Perfect Portrayal

Illustration  Do you remember? You gave me this single red rose Right on our first date at Little Collins You said, Red rose is an epitome of love I believed you The odor of it represented our relationship It was all fresh and strong The color was bright and beautiful A perfect portrayal of our…

Small Civet Coffee Shop

I was not a coffee enthusiast Until i went to this small coffee shop ————————————————————– The only thing that made me stop was because there were civets Surprisingly, the wild civets were friendly They didnt bite nor attack me ————————————————————– I patted this civet’s back Because it looked so comfortable on it’s place This is…


  “Even in the slightest crack, you can still be the brightest “       Taken & written by me           


was drawn upon her face was transparent to see was loomed flamboyantly is an interruption from conundrum of life         Inframe : my ultimate foolish amigo Taken by : me  Written by : me 

A Sweet Short Lam

was scrolling through my gallery i stopped on this picture debating with myself whether i should put filter on it or not and my ego finally gave in the memory was crystal clear the weather was so peaceful until a little cloudburst decided to introduce itself to the nature fortunately, ive spent my time here…